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Active Sanitization Kills Pathogens at the Source

The high load environment of a cannabis facility requires an Active Kill Process.

GreenGuard™ effectively sanitizes both air and surfaces in cultivation environments faster and more thoroughly by using Active Sanitization Distribution. It distributes the sanitizing solution into the environment killing pathogens at their point of origin, on the plants, benches, light ballast, pots, both in the air and on surfaces.

cannabis with air Purifiers | pract za
Cannabis Quality with air Purifiers | Pract ZA


Amazing! We do weekly air sample testing and in less than a week after installing the ProGuard units we noticed a HUGE improvement in the air quality, and we saw more than a 90% reduction in yeast & mold levels in our rooms. The ProGuard technology is a game changer!

Mike G

Operations Manager, Rhode Island

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